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Cosmetic Surgery Center
Jafar Koupaie, M.D., Director,
Diplomate, American Board of Dermatology
& Fellow American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery
/ Accredited Out-Patient Surgery Facility.



Permanent & Natural Breast Augmentation
Fat Reduction
Cool Lipo
Thread Lifts
Hair Transplantation
Facial Rejuvenation
Regenlite Treatment
Laser Treatment
Laser Surgery
Skin Cancer Detection and Removal
Leg Veins
Body Shaping Therapy
Permanent Makeup Procedures
Cool Lipo in Boston
i-lipo in Boston
Hydrofacial in Boston
RegenLite Laser Skin Treatment Brookline MA

The Koupaie Center for Hair Transplantation
The Liposuction Institute of Boston
The Boston Cosmetic Laser Center

Boston Cosmetic Surgery Center
Edda Garcia Permanent Makeup




Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care, Inc. (AAAHC)


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I was feeling very insecure about being a man with fatty tissue under my nipple area. Dr. Koupaie did an excellent job in removing the fatty tissues and shaping my chest area like new.  This was 10 years ago!  Still look the same.  I hope to go back to Dr. Koupaie for another procedure. - Neil .S.


Hello Everyone, I hope everything is well. I feel great. I can actually bend down and touch my toes. I have dropped two pants size. It has been easier to lose weight. I have dropped an additional 4-5 pounds with the right eating habit. I have attached a photo of my current self. Major difference form now and before I came to your office. I want to thank you Dr. Koupaie and the staff for everything! PS: I have already convinced my wife to do it in the future!

Neil S (4/7/13)



Absolutely love the results of my little facial pick me up! The Botox injection took away that evil looking line in my forehead and the Juvederm along the laugh lines took away the saggy puppy look. Dr. Koupaie was very conservative in his suggestions and I greatly appreciated that.  I did not feel as though he was trying to sell me a big make over. The office visit itself was such a great experience.  Thank you. - V. Hanson



I am so grateful of the wonderful work Dr. Koupaie performed on me. I feel much more self confident as I'm able to wake up in the morning and look at myself in the mirror and feel strong and confident without having to look at scars! Thank you! - M. Kate




Thank you for helping me in my decisions and being honest with me. You are the third Doctor's office I visited in regards to breast augmentation I am so glad that I decided on Dr. Koupaie - it is a great feeling to have breast augmentation and know that they're 100% natural - Rachel R.



Gratitude mounts as I write and recognize the expert medical care extended to me by Dr. Koupaie.


After years of struggling with acne and many visits to numerous dermatologists, Dr. Koupaie controlled this condition within a few short weeks. I experienced a clear completion for the first time within ten years.


Furthermore, his expertise regarding a cosmetic procedure, microdermbrasion introduced a vast improvement to my complexion. The pores were cleansed, minimized and my face glowed. Friends assumed I had made an improvement with makeup, when in fact, I wasn't wearing any.


The list of expert medial attention continues. Dr. Koupaie expertly and kindly removed multiple, small tumors from my tongue. His demeanor was comforting and the surgery a wonderful success.


Most significant of all, Dr. Koupaie diagnosed a difficult to reveal condition, Hashimoto's Disease. He uncovered my illness when several of Boston's top teaching Hospitals referred to my symptoms as stress. Had it not been for this astute doctor, I would not be on the proper medication leading a quality life today.


Thank you, Dr. Koupaie for your sharing the height of professional competence and everlasting dedication with me presently and through past decades..

Sincerely, Linda W., Canton, MA

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